# colophon

This site is managed and generated entirely with the latest version of mog*cms. Currently it uses the standard installation, with a couple of home-grown extensions. From time to time we may use a beta version in order to test new functionalities.

In the current version, mog*cms should generate valid HTML 4.1 with a HTML 4 Strict Doctype. CSS is under the responsability of the developer, but should validate also.

The site was designed by for MogWerks. It also uses the BackToTop JavaScript by David Lindquist.

MogWerks.net is hosted by OVH on a mutualised server running Apache and PHP.

# privacy

We hate spam. We will only use your e-mail address for the purpose that you intended in communicating with us, and we will not pass it on to anyone else, ever.

As we use a form on this site to collect data — if you want to leave us your name — we are currently preparing to register with the French Data Protection Authority, the CNIL. When we receive our register number it will be indicated here.

Under French law you have a right to access and correct any personal information that you may trust with us. If you wish to contact us on this subject, .

# legal

The name mogWerks and the Jumping Kitty image are claimed as trademarks by MogWerks — a limited liability company currently undergoing registration in France.

The design of this site is © 2006-2019 mogWerks.

Unless otherwise specified, all illustrations, images, text and other media made available through this web site, are © 2006-2019 mogWerks, and all rights reserved. Documentation for mog*cms may be made available under specific licenses. This is indicated in that documentation.

Links to third-party web sites are provided as a convenience and mogWerks cannot be held responsible for content that may be available there.

# mail & spam

We do not send e-mail using adresses at mogWerks.net. If you have received a mail purpetrating to be from someone at this address then it was forged. We are sorry for you, but are in no way responsible for the actions of others.

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