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mogWerks.net is dedicated to MogWerks’s Open Source projects.

MogWerks is a small web consulting company based in and around Paris, France. We make standards-compliant web sites, from design to code. We also adapt Open Source tools for our customers’ needs. You can learn more about the company at our web site.

Currently, our principal project is mog*cms, a flat-file, multi-lingual CMS and site generator, for small- and medium-sized web sites.

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We’ve finally released mog*cms version 1.2
January 9th, 2007 –

Wow! There has been so much change going on [and it’s not finished either] that it is hard to know where to start… First of all, we did wonder if we’d finally get a release as the end of the year ended with quite a bit of work, meaning less time to work on mog*cms. But we got there. And this is the proof.

On a personal level, I’m really proud of this release, I feel that mog*cms is ‘getting there’. Now, perhaps, I need to explain that statement.

Version 1.2 is what I would have wanted for the 1.0 release. This doesn’t mean that 1.0 [and 1.1] weren’t fit for release, just that they were the best that we could do at that point. 1.0 was frozen and pushed out for April 1st, 2006 as it had to be released at some point. We spent 2 weeks prior to release polishing it, and then went ‘Ouf!’ — an obscure French exclamation meaning ‘Well, we finally got there!’. For 1.1 we corrected a bunch of bugs, and added the RSS feeds that had had to be cut out of the initial release.

With this release we didn’t aim at adding new functionnality to mog*cms, but rather we reviewed everything from a user’s perspective. And so we have cleaned up and improved the administration interface no end… There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes work by Alain Pastor in the JavaScripts that control and correct input; there is his magnificient work that lets you just drag pages around to change their place in the site structure that you have to see to believe; there is the wonderful code that Max let us use that allows the resizing of select controls and textareas [and that replaces the old toggle buttons]; and there is the code that allows you to preview articles before saving them; each of the tabs in mog*cms has been revised, cleaned, and improved — our list of annoyances has practically shrivelled to nothing; the PHP and CSS code has been pruned and cleaned up. All these changes are aimed at making mog*cms a better experience for day-to-day use, and a more agreable experience in general.

Of course, we’re not claiming that mog*cms is perfect. We’ll no doubt see a 1.2.1 release as a few stragglers get cleaned up, but we still have great plans for the future.

You can download the latest version here. Release notes are here. And the changelog is here.

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