# what is mog*cms?

Mog*cms is a PHP-based flat-file Content Management System (CMS): ‘flat-file’ means that it doesn’t use a database to save your data.

It is built around a complete server-based administration system that takes the strain out of creating and managing multi-lingual sites. It is designed to serve moderate web traffic and, as such, it is ideal for individuals, organisations, charities, and small business. When used correctly, it generates clean, standards-based code by encouraging the practise of separating content, structure/display and behaviour.

Mog*cms is free software made available under the GNU Public License, version 2. It is currently developed by MogWerks and varying levels of support are available.

If you want a quick introduction to mog*cms, then download “mog*cms: an introduction”, or go straight to the download page.

Please note: mog*cms is not a blogging system, and doesn’t aim to be one. If that is what you are seeking, we warmly recommend Pivot.

# screenshots

# toolbox
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