# version

mog*cms is currently at version 1.2

# release notes

version 1.2

Version 1.2, released January 2007, has seen a host of bug fixes and a complete overhaul of the administration interface. See the changelog for detailed information.

version 1.0

Version 1.0 features were frozen in February 2006 in preparation for the first public release.

  • entirely written using Unicode (UTF-8) to avoid problems transcoding from Latin 1 (ISO 8859-1) to other languages
  • multi-lingual server administration (choose one language from ‘n’, languages are localisable by the administrator)
  • simultaneously manage, synchronise and generate web sites in different target languages; date formats are also easily localisable
  • documents and images can be presented to the visitor on a preferred-language basis
  • tools for the visitor to choose and change her prefered language
  • integrated contact management with a newsletter module and black lists
  • automatic integration and management of contact forms
  • automatic breadcrumbs
  • automatic generation of site menus/navigation
  • automated generation of thumbnail images
  • integrated generation and management of image galleries
  • easy uploading of image files and batch treatment
  • independence of structure, data, behaviour [JavaScript] and display [CSS]
  • generated HTML conforms to W3C HTML 4.1 standard
  • simple interface for Meta Name and HTTP-Equiv tags
  • allows administrator to restrict access to certain pages to authorised groups with integrated password management for these groups
  • integrated Humane Text2HTML converter that generates conforming HTML markup
  • automatic detection and activation for Dean Edwards’ IE7 JavaScript/CSS library and Alessandro Fulciniti’s Nifty Corners
  • automatic detection and activation for BBClone Web Counter
  • easy updating

# changelog

See the changelog here.

# roadmap

Versions 1.2 – 1.5 will be incremetal improvements. By version 1.5 we want to have the following in place:

  • multiple user accounts with different permissions and access
  • a stable architecture for extensions and plug-ins
  • generated HTML to conform to W3C XHTML standard
  • ‘mail to a friend’ tool
  • opaque data structures with a documented API
  • cleaner code, and a documented set of functions, classes and methods that third-party programmers can use (and trust)
  • easier navigation, interface improvements and a general clean up in the administration
  • developer documentation

Version 2.0 plans to offer the possibility to use a database as the backend, rather than the current flat file system.

Please note: this is provided for information only. It does not constitue an offer, nor a guarantee. If you are interested in using mog*cms you should evaluate your choice based on the current version, not on the expectations of future features.

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