# annoyances
These are the remaining issues with the administration interface that we resolve to change as soon as we can. They are ordered according to priority.

High Priority

  • Update > Images > Browser – needs a way to apply batch treatments to images

Medium Priority

  • display times (and user) for last logins
  • possibility to include a ‘meta http-equiv refresh’ tag on individual pages
  • better support for Static Entries
  • rapid creation of mail and href links in Entries

Low Priority

  • currently none

# changelog
version 1.2.4
  • A checkbox on the Publish > Uploads page now allows a new image to be uploaded, replacing an existing one, all the while preserving the metadata.
  • Added Title and Caption fields to Publish > Images > Batch Treatment. This information will be common to all the uploaded Images, and will override any information present in the IPTC fields.
  • The management of Documents was severely borken, and in most cases it wasn’t possible to delete an uploaded file except by connecting in through FTP or telnet. This has been corrected, tested and cleaned up, and now works as advertised. It also updates an existing document database to the new correct way of doing things.
  • Corrected cosmetic problems resulting from the above.
  • Minor bug squishes.
version 1.2.3
  • Implemented a new Template Tag, caption, that works like title but inserts the page [parent, or section] caption rather than the title
  • Extended the special image link Template Tag [ [ link:url | image_ref (|image_style)(:style) ] ] which inserts an image [original format] surrounded by the link code
  • For historical reasons [that’s always what we say when we don’t remember why] there was a limit of 8 on the number of pages in an image gallery, plus a lurking math error when this limit was reached. Both of these has been corrected [thanks to Hubert Raguet].
  • For some reason the page verification pane wouldn’t display a page preview if the page to preview had no title. This has been changed so that the page will not preview if there is no template: an altogether more logical proposition.
  • The download counter for documents created a separate line for each download, not for each day. Corrected.
  • As Alain pointed out, when you edit or clone an entry, you don’t know what language you’re working in. Corrected.
  • Quite a few changes on the ‘Preparation > Structure’ tab [thanks Alain]:
    • new and moved pages no longer upset the ‘Virtual Page’ attribute of other pages in the Site Structure [a hard-to-track-down ‘feature’ of Safari, that one…]
    • a little clean up, again in Safari, of the ‘ghost’ image when dragging and dropping pages
    • the little animation that appeared when pages were created has gone, as it didn’t work properly, and [although a nice idea] was more an annoyance than a help
    • the alternating line colours are now corrected displayed when creating more than page at the same time.
version 1.2.2
  • Argh! still problems with feeds getting ‘refreshed’ when there is no new content. Hope that I have squished this, this time…
  • Squashed a bug in media downloads where an extraneous “ appeared in the download link
  • Squashed a bug in media downloads where tag in a caption disrupted display of the HTML (similar to the same bug for images, already corrected)
  • Squashed a bug in the breadcrumbs moglet where the homepage appeared twice in some circumstances
  • Updating ‘Display Information’ on the Image Edit tab, now gives feedback when all is well
  • In some cases, the use of \ to escape chars that mog*cms uses to encode text styling [this is an internal tool named moggie, a humane TEXT2HTML system] was not fonctionning correctly in the mog*cms admin pages. I have made a change in the ‘lang.class.php’ file, counting that this over-zealous stripping of backslashes was the problem. I am hoping this won’t introduce [or reveal] bugs in texts elsewhere now…
  • Using the download tag didn’t call the download manager, and so some document downloads were counted [thanks to Hubert Raguet for pointing this one out]
  • Corrections in the JavaScript for the tab ‘Preparation > Page > Structure’ [thanks Alain]
  • Corrected other minor bugs
version 1.2.1
  • corrected a few tabs that didn’t allow entries to be erased [notably Page, Include, Entry, and MediaTemplates…]
  • squashed a useless warning that was displayed when deleting a web site language
  • minor corrections in Language files
version 1.2

bugs squished

  • corrected a bug in browsers where the offset could go haywire and the wrong number of entries/images/documents is displayed
  • correction of a bug where the presence of a link in an image caption would lead to this appearing in the HTML title tag, and throwing off the HTML in the page to disasterous effect
  • corrected the synchronisation of text tags between languages had a serious problem where information was incorrectly passed between languages
  • corrected the RSS feeds where HTML entities were appearing in what was supposed to be UTF-8 text
  • fixed highly obscure bug when new fields in Text Tags couldn’t be resized
  • fixed publication date in RSS feeds which was reset when feeds were generated, causing all items to show up as ‘new’ in some feed readers : now the publication date is set to the date of the last published item.
  • corrected a bug in Text Tags where an erased entry was immediately replaced by an existing entry from another language instead of erasing that entry in other languages.


  • can now sort entries by publication status
  • new publication status category ‘archive’
  • timed publish has been simplified and hours/minutes added
  • interface has been overhauled and cleaned up, included a whole new means to create and order pages
  • help text is now optional and can be switched on and off

new newness

  • previews [youpi! and thanks Alain] are in place — you can preview entries and check that your moggie tags are clean!
  • implemented virtual pages — pages that exist in the site structure but possess no template and no content, instead defaulting to the first available daughter page
  • it is also now possible to clone an existing page and so keep the template and settings [a real time saver]
  • a new PHP Settings page [Settings > Mog*cms > PHP Settings] informs you about any limitations in your PHP installation
version 1.1.1
  • altkey now allows admin to select unique filters in Entry / Image / Document browsers [thanks Alain]
  • cleaned HTML entities that were appearing in mailed messages from the contact forms
  • correction in image links [now work properly]
  • corrected a problem in RSS feeds where english was used for links in all languages, and other minor issues with links in feeds
  • standard install file now includes license.txt and installation.pdf [in English]
version 1.1
  • corrected a bug in moggie Text2HTML where if an ellipsis was the first char on a line, it was interpreted as a list item
  • corrected various bugs in Interactions > Contacts
  • corrections in document handling
  • correction of bug in entry_rand when array is empty
  • changes to category filter for Entries, Documents, and Images Browsers
version 1.0.10
  • Feeds in place. feed icons courtesy of: feedicons.com
  • page caption [if present] now displays for shortcut page tags and navigation
  • Interactions > Contacts – contacts are now presented with the most recent first [it should have been like this from the beginning…]
  • corrected bug in batch treatments that prevented file suffixes other than lowercase from being recognised
  • entries can now be sorted alphabetically
  • Alain has made some neat cleanups of JavaScript functions that help behind the scenes
  • image galleries now have alpha and chronological sorting
version 1.0.9
  • Preparation > Pages – first approach to cleaning and correcting the tab.
  • pages can now have a ‘caption’ attribute [useful for navigation].
version 1.0.8
  • Corrected a mess of problems that had crept into the CSS.
  • Adjusted checkboxes and radio buttons that had moved.
  • Corrected some of the code that stopped admin pages from validating [still some to do…].
version 1.0.7
  • Adjusted Publish > Entries > Browser, making the same changes as to Documents and Image tabs, ’cause I, like, forget to do it…
version 1.0.6
  • Media has been separated out to two specific tabs, one for Documents and one for Images, as having them together was cumbersome.
  • Better choices for filters/sorts when browsing Documents and Images. These are also now consistently persistent during a session, and pave the way for better navigation through the elements.
  • Say ‘Hello’ to the Download Manager. It’s his job to provide a counter for downloaded documents. The aforementioned counter is in place on the Documents Browser and Edit tabs.
version 1.0.5
  • corrected a serious error that prevented Entries from being saved — oops!
version 1.0.4
  • admin interface displays user name if this is present, else displays user id.
  • corrected issue with display of image gallery cursor when more than 10 pages to display.
  • media type: other pop-up menu on tab Update > Media > Uploads now correctly selects the radio button <Other>.
version 1.0.3
  • corrected issue with display of thumbnails on Publish > Images > Edit tab.
version 1.0.2
  • corrected mails sent from Interactions > Newsletter tab.
  • shortcuts present on the homepage for the admin are now user configurable.
  • contacts from a generated site are now sent to a chosen administrator if wanted.
version 1.0.1
  • corrected a minor slip in lang.class.php that didn’t display the correct text on the Interaction > Contact tab.
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