# mog*cms documentation
All documentation is currently available in English and French. If you would like to localise mog*cms for your language, see this page about participating in the project.
mog*cms: an introduction | PDF file
version 1.1 | r1 | 2006/05/04 | size: 932.51 Kb
This is an excellent overview of mog*cms written by Alain Pastor. It is a must read if you are considering using mog*cms.
Feeds, a HowTo | PDF file
version 1.1 | r1 | 2006/05/04 | size: 105.28 Kb
This is an overview of using RSS Feeds from mog*cms.
mog*cms: reference manual | PDF file
version 1.0 | r0 | 2006/04/03 | size: 303.5 Kb
This document provides you with all the information that you need to download, install and configure mog*cms. It covers all the template commands, tags and integrated functions in mog*cms.

mog*cms: developer documentation
This is scheduled for release with version 1.5.

mog*cms: getting started
CURRENTLY IN PREPARATION — This guide walks you through creating a simple web site using mog*cms.

# web-based documentation

We are working to bring mog*cms to the stable 1.5 version. Until then we prefer to make documentation available as downloads only. Because of this there can be small differences between the docs and the application, this is why we always indicate the version that the docs refer to. Once things have settled down, we’ll look into putting documentation online.

# disclaimer

Mog*cms is provided as is. We, the creators, make no claims as to the adequation of this application with your specific needs. In fact, there can be no guarantee of any sort concerning the fitness of purpose of mog*cms to any task whatsoever; you, the user, are sole judge in the matter.

While we do make stringent quality controls, as well as using mog*cms ourselves on production sites, we provide no guarantee as to its use and functions, nor does our Documentation constitute a guarantee.

Of course, it is our aim that mog*cms be a useful tool, and as such we are always interested in being informed of difficulties and problems that you may encounter. However, the fact that we may have been informed of any issue cannot be taken as an acknowledgement of our responsibility in any matter.

# donate via paypal

Support mogWerks.net with a donation (you don’t need a PayPal account to donate, and everything is securised).

# toolbox
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