# requirements
  • PHP version 4.3.10 or better. Currently mog*cms has not been tested with PHP5
  • Apache web (HTTP) Server, version 1.3 or better. Mog*cms has not been tested with Apache 2, nor has it been tested with PHP running under Windows.
  • No database backend is needed as mog*cms uses a flat file system to save data.

Please see the note below concerning requirements for the administration interface, a special note for users of some hosting services, and our disclaimer.

mog*cms | TGZ (tar gzip) file
version 1.2.4 | 2007/02/14 | size: 345.02 Kb
This is the latest public release.

# using the administration

Mog*cms online administration system was built to conform to web standards. As such it is usable from any modern, standards-supporting browser that has JavaScript and Cookies enabled. This also means that it does not function correctly with Internet Explorer, neither under Windows nor Mac OS. As Firefox, is freely available for both these platforms, we do not intend to support Internet Explorer at this date.

This does not affect the display of the generated website. The supported browsers of websites generated with mog*cms is entirely within the control of the administrator/developer.

# special note for users of some hosting services

In some cases, Internet hosting companies block the normal functioning of common PHP commands. This can result in mog*cms acting strangely, or refusing to execute correctly on those servers. Such a case exists, for example with free.fr / online.fr in France, although these are probably not the only case.

It is our view that supporting these particular hosts would mean reducing the features available for other users, or would oblige us to code and document these ‘special cases’, thus complicating the code base, and eating into the time available to improve mog*cms for everybody else.

As such, we don’t currently envisage supporting these hosts, and can only advise you to choose an alternative service. For French users, we recommend OVH.

# disclaimer

Mog*cms is provided as is. We, the creators, make no claims as to the adequation of this application with your specific needs. In fact, there can be no guarantee of any sort concerning the fitness of purpose of mog*cms to any task whatsoever; you, the user, are sole judge in the matter.

While we do make stringent quality controls, as well as using mog*cms ourselves on production sites, we provide no guarantee as its use and functions, nor does our Documentation constitute a guarantee.

Of course, it is our aim that mog*cms be a useful tool, and as such we are always interested in being informed of difficulties and problems that you may encounter. However, the fact that we may have been informed of any issue cannot be taken as an acknowledgement of our responsibility in any matter.

# documentation

You can download Documentation from this page.

# changelog

Read the changelog here.

# extras Download language files for mog*cms administration below. Each file contains the latest localisation file for administration as well as the ‘locale’ file.
French | public version 1.2.4
English | public version 1.2.4
If you have localised the mog*cms administration for your language, don’t hesitate to , to include here.
Localisation Tools | Notice for localising mog*cms to your language
# toolbox
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