# how to participate

So how can you participate in improving mog*cms. Below, we list the possibilities. We’re pretty sure that there’s something here just waiting for you…


If mog*cms isn’t yet available in your language, you can download the localisation tools and prepare a copy to share. And have the docs been localised yet? Perhaps you can help out there. If localised docs are already available, then check them out: can you find spelling mistakes? can you propose improvements? Contact the curator for that language and send off a polite mail with your remarks, propose your help. A quick warning: don’t expect an instant answer, we all have day jobs.

bugs and other unexpected features

Mog*cms is not bug free. We can hunt them down, but we can always be sure that there is another one hiding around the corner. If you see something, try and document it carefully — you may need to explain why it’s a bug. And then send it in. If you can actually find out where in the code things are going wrong, that’s even better.

new documentation

We are trying to provide complete documentation for mog*cms, but there may be an area that we have missed out. If you have a particular itch in the documentation field, don’t hesitate to scratch it and let us know.


Eyeballs, eyeballs and more eyeballs. It’s quite simple: the more interest we have around mog*cms, the more use it gets, the better we can make it. If you use mog*cms on your site, then don’t forget your badge and a link to this site. If you want to get us some cool badges and banners together, then jump in and have a try.

If mog*cms could help someone around you, then don’t hesitate to propose it. And we also need to be present on sites where CMS solutions are listed and reviewed, so talk about us in forums and other discussions. (And, No, we don’t mean spamming and slinging matches: there is a place for enlightened discussion and comparisons.)

future developments

We have a plan for mog*cms — you’ll find the roadmap here — and we’re working to get things clean, open and accessible. You may have ideas, you may want to contribute code: we’re working on an API to allow third-parties to develop extensions and plug-ins — this needs work and documentation. Perhaps you have ideas or experience, or want to suggest a feature that would really make your day. Go ahead.

donations and subscriptions

Finally, you can participate by helping us buy the time to work on improving mog*cms. You run a company? Why not buy a subscription to help us out — we’ll bill you and so you can deduct it as expenses. Or why not send us a small donation by PayPal? In the end every little bit helps.

That’s it for now. Thanks for your interest, and see you soon.

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