# support

Open Source support will be made available through the mailing list that we are currently setting up. We will also be adding resources here — notably a FAQ — when we get the time. And when your questions start arriving. While this all comes together, please bear with us and come back regularly for updates.

As ever, your first stop for support should always be the documentation. Currently this means the overview document — mog*cms: an introduction — see the documentation page. The other documentation is coming, it just all takes time. [And please don’t say wiki: collective jottings are no substitute for an tidy, corrected, revised and organised corpus of documentation. There will be a time for ‘wiki’s when we need to grow out of the initial docs, and to bring together the collective wisdom and experience. It just isn’t that time yet.]

If you want to ask a support question, then don’t hesitate to use the contact form, but please understand that we are very likely to be hard at work, even trying to earn enough to pay the rent and other useful stuff, so please don’t expect an instantaneous answer. We will get back to you, it may just take a little time.

# paid support

We also propose paid support. This can cover specific issues, or take the form of a subscription. We can install or tailor mog*cms to your needs, develop plug-ins or extensions, and provide custom programming for mog*cms or other Open Source projects.

Contact us for an estimate if you’re interested.

# toolbox
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