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We’ve finally released mog*cms version 1.2

Wow! There has been so much change going on [and it’s not finished either] that it is hard to know where to start… First of all, we did wonder if we’d finally get a release as the end of the year ended with quite a bit of work, meaning less time to work on mog*cms. But we got there. And this is the proof.

On a personal level, I’m really proud of this release, I feel that mog*cms is ‘getting there’. Now, perhaps, I need to explain that statement.

Version 1.2 is what I would have wanted for the 1.0 release. This doesn’t mean that 1.0 [and 1.1] weren’t fit for release, just that they were the best that we could do at that point. 1.0 was frozen and pushed out for April 1st, 2006 as it had to be released at some point. We spent 2 weeks prior to release polishing it, and then went ‘Ouf!’ — an obscure French exclamation meaning ‘Well, we finally got there!’. For 1.1 we corrected a bunch of bugs, and added the RSS feeds that had had to be cut out of the initial release.

With this release we didn’t aim at adding new functionnality to mog*cms, but rather we reviewed everything from a user’s perspective. And so we have cleaned up and improved the administration interface no end… There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes work by Alain Pastor in the JavaScripts that control and correct input; there is his magnificient work that lets you just drag pages around to change their place in the site structure that you have to see to believe; there is the wonderful code that Max let us use that allows the resizing of select controls and textareas [and that replaces the old toggle buttons]; and there is the code that allows you to preview articles before saving them; each of the tabs in mog*cms has been revised, cleaned, and improved — our list of annoyances has practically shrivelled to nothing; the PHP and CSS code has been pruned and cleaned up. All these changes are aimed at making mog*cms a better experience for day-to-day use, and a more agreable experience in general.

Of course, we’re not claiming that mog*cms is perfect. We’ll no doubt see a 1.2.1 release as a few stragglers get cleaned up, but we still have great plans for the future.

You can download the latest version here. Release notes are here. And the changelog is here.

Best Wishes for 2007

The team at mogWerks sends best wishes for 2007 to all, clients and contacts, partners and friends. May you all have a wonderful, healthy and prosperous 2007.

On a side note, in the next few days we will be updating this site with version 1.2 of mog*cms — please excuse us in advance for any issues while we check the changes.

1.2 is on the horizon

We’ve been quite quiet recently, but that don’t let that lead you into thinking that we’ve been doing nothing. We’ve been hard at work on some new sites — using mog*cms of course — and we’ve been working hard on the next version.

Mog*cms version 1.2 should be released shortly. And there’s a host of new features (and bug squishes). Stay tuned.

adding RSS Feeds to mog*cms
read on feeds
When we added RSS Feeds to mog*cms, we wrote a small document to show just how easy it really is. This document is available as a PDF on our documentation page. Grab it and read it today, you’ll see how easy things are…
a mouse pad fit for the moggie
mogWerks.net goodies have arrived

Well, it is not quite a luxury shop on the one of the best avenues of Paris, but for a few pennies in our online store you can buy a beautiful mouse pad, or a T-Shirt, lovingly decorated with our mascot, Mog the jumping kitty.

Come on, visit our online shop, show some support for mogWerks.net. And help feed the kitty.

mogWerks releases mog*cms 1.1
RSS Feeds are now just one click away

Version 1.1 sees a host of interface improvements, a download tracker, really simple RSS Feeds, as well as the other features — already present in 1.0 — like the integrated contact manager, restricted site access and a newsletter manager.

Mog*cms is designed for rapid development and administration of small- to medium-sized web sites. It is particularly suitable for dynamic, multi-lingual sites. And when we say rapid, we mean that in less that a week, everything is up and running, from concept and design to implementation.

stay tuned!
Live News at mogWerks.net
Along with the arrival of version 1.1 of mog*cms, now offering new RSS Feed support, our web site has been enhanced with a News section to which you can subscribe with your favorite Feed reader. Enjoy!
still in beta
We wanted to present mogWerks.net ready for April 1st, even if everything wasn’t perfect. This is an ongoing project and we will be adding material as and when it is finished: for example, mailing lists, news, the newsletter, or RSS feeds still need to be added and made available. We encourage you to come back regularly, or to leave your e-mail address on the contact page so we can keep in touch. Thank you.
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